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This journal is for those who want a smaller journal, with a lot of pages, yet small enough for travelling. With 128 pages of heavy artists paper and measuring approximately 8" x 5" this one fits the bill.

A beautiful book for the Knight or Lady. This size has a nice feel to it not too heavy, some Ladies even put them in their purse.

Imagine what your penmanship, calligraphy, watercolour, acrylic paintings, pencil sketches etc. would look like contained in this outstanding example of craftsmanship.

This book has a reddish brown colour which has been infused with special oils and waxes at the tannery. When stress is placed on the leather i.e.: folding, the oil in that area moves and lightens the leather. This provides a very nice effect and means that as you use your journal the leather will be accustomed to your use and becomes customized by you. A very distinctive feature. It has a wrap around tie made from the same leather.

I have made 8 of these from the same hide and there may be slight variations from the photo. There are two types a straight edge on the front flap or a "live edge" (the way it comes from the tannery). Please choose the type you would like. If you have any questions please start a conversation.

All of my journals feature:
• end sheets handmade in our studio
• front end sheet has inlaid dancing moose
• hand torn heavy, high quality artists paper
• hand sewn binding

I deliberately space the pages and sections, and use a heavy thread so that there is plenty of room for inserting photographs without putting undue pressure on the binding or having the book swell and look bloated.

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