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This book is large, it is heavy, it is awkward, it does not lay open flat all the time, you cannot add, remove,or rearrange the pages In other words, it breaks all the rules and..... And it is absolutely perfect.

This says I am of extreme value. Even blank, before committing anything at all to the pages knowing it is possible, is of importance to the creative process. This is not a book to be trifled with. This book is for "Important Stuff".

All have leather covers, hand made end sheets, an Inscription page containing a Nietschzie quote and high quality heavy artists paper suitable for pencil, ink, light water color and acrylic.

I deliberately space the pages and sections, and use a heavy thread so that there is plenty of room for inserting photographs without putting undue pressure on the binding or having the book swell and look bloated.

A unique way to create a personal book of wisdom.


Our flagship product for the Duke or Duchess.

This beauty is 12 1/2" tall 8" wide and 2 1/2" thick. With 192 pages of 98 lb mix media artists paper 12" x 7 1/2" this book weighs in at a hefty 4 pounds!

Imagine what your penmanship, calligraphy, watercolour, acrylic paintings, pencil sketches etc. would look like contained in this outstanding example of craftsmanship.

This book has a soft medium brown, weathered leather with a medium texture for the cover. with a tie to keep it closed.

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COLOUR is subjective and can vary considerably from person to person. It also can vary great deal from computer to computer. I have taken great care to ensure that the colours are as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that you are seeing what I am seeing.
I have tried to use colour descriptions that are in common use so that you have a description to support the color on the screen.

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