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An stunning addition to your home office or studio. Capable of holding a significant quantity of essential items, transforming a cluttered space to one of elegance.

This Tray measures 18" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" or 46 cm by 19 cm and is 3.5 cm deep. It weighs 22 oz or .6 kg

Flat black with white edge treatment. It has a matte finish. It has received a water protective coating.


Most of us are familiar with leather as being soft and supple. It wasn't always this way. In the medieval times armour was made out of hardened leather. The hardening process was known as Cuir Bouilli, and involved boiling the leather. I am using this technique to create functional art and the trays are an example.

I first carefully select the leather pieces to be used and then laminate two pieces together to give the smooth finish on both sides. When choosing the leather I am careful to select the hides that, to some people would appear to be damaged. They may contain cuts, insect bites, brands etc. To me, these marks add character and rather than refer to them as flaws I prefer to call them experience indicators.

The edges are finished and the leather is then dyed by hand. The leather is then hand shaped using a modern “cuir bouilli” process. This involves the careful use of temperature controlled water and the application of dry heat following the shaping process. The item is then cured and polished.

Being hand made each tray is unique and should provide you with a lifetime of service and pleasure. It will slowly change color over time depending on location, use, exposure to sunlight etc. You will add your own experience indicators. This will ensure that it truly becomes customised by you.

Your tray will hold it’s shape, but It is an organic material and you should not subject it to stress or moisture. It is not to be used for liquids or food.

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