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A convenient lightweight case designed to hold a small amount of paper and two writing/drawing instruments. A handy accessory for those moments when we need to capture an idea, a concept, a pattern or other inspirational moment.
Handcrafted from vegetable tanned leather these cases are a delight to hold and to use. Hand dyed and hand stitched.

I carefully select the leather, looking for leather that has character. My intent is not to create an unblemished machine perfect item, rather, to craft an piece of art that can and will be used. A piece of art that will continue to be in the finishing process as the owner adds their experience marks to the piece.

I draw heavily from Nature when designing my pieces and Nature does not have perfectly machined edges, few lines are perfectly straight, and there is a roughness about a lot of nature that results in a rugged beauty. That is what I try to capture when making a piece. And, like nature my pieces are meant to be used, to be experienced. The life events of the owner will improve the character and add to the uniqueness of the art.

They are not designed for ease of use or to be “efficient”. These pieces are meant to bring a quiet enjoyment to the owner, to aid in their experience. To be practical and useful as well as beautiful - just like Nature.

Available in three distressed colours: tan, brown and mahogany

Comes with a small supply of 98lb mix media paper which is suitable for all types of writing and drawing tools.

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