I create functional leather art for people like you.

I am Ken Duncan, the Dancing Moose’s Artisan and I work primarily in leather. My studio is located in Camrose, Alberta, CanadaBy drawing on the medieval period and nature for inspiration, and using leather as the medium, I create functional art for people like you.
My intent is not to create an unblemished machine perfect item, rather to craft an piece of art that can and will be used. A piece of art that will continue to be in the finishing process as the owner adds their experience marks to the piece. I draw primarily from Nature when designing, and handcrafting my pieces. Nature does not have perfectly machined edges, few lines are perfectly straight, and there is a roughness about a lot of nature that results in a rugged beauty. That is what I try to capture when crafting a piece. 

And, like nature my pieces are meant to be used, to be experienced.They are not designed for ease of use or to be “efficient”. These pieces are meant to bring a quiet enjoyment to the owner, to add to their experiences. To be practical and useful as well as beautiful - just like Nature.  
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